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Our 2020 Interns


Izi Cronley

Izi Cronley is energetic, enthusiastic and open-minded. She has experience in a number of creative fields; including art education, mural painting, art installation, illustration, videography, and music. During the school year, Izi is a student employee at Kendall College. She will graduate in 2021 with a BFA in graphic design. Ultimately, Izi’s career goal is to explore a wide range of creative practices and influences, in a way that impacts and uplifts the community at hand.

Frankie McIntosh

Frankie McIntosh is a self-proclaimed "sophisticates college student from Detroit, MI am double majoring in Criminal Justice & Sociology with a minor in Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Flint." Poetry has always been a consistent joy in her life. At a young age, poetry spoke to her and became a safe haven for deep unexpressed truths. Now, through art and culture in the city of Flint, she can share her truth and help others do the same by connecting with the community of Flint.

Shiann Howard

Shiann Howard has been living in Flint all her life. Graduating from Atherton Highschool , attending Mott Community College on a scholarship for women’s basketball in June of 2016. She is an artist and poet who strongly believes that art moves the mind and leads to self-reflection. Through the internship, she aims to focus on free programs for children and adults and offer educational opportunities to those who want to go from hobby to art business. She leads by example, E.Y.A Express Your Art - is her business and through her work creative people come together to showcase their talents with the focus to create spaces that are comfortable and conducive to self-expression.